About us


We are a two side team, the active sports team  „Michelle and Maik“ and the more important passive Doghandler team „Kerstin, Mary-Anne and Max“, working in the background.

My name is Maik and I do this sport since 2006. Everything has started with a husky and the desire to take part in winter sports again. As a former cross-country skier, it was obvious that I’ll make skijoring. By the way I was also very successful in this class.

Michelle found these things exciting and she was also cross-country skier at the club SC Motor Zella-Mehlis so she wanted her own dog to do this sport too. Then came Annapurna, actually for me, but Anna  drived only for Michelle . On the other side, Istu, the dog of Michelle, didn’t want drive with her but was a good team with me. So we exchanged the dogs and Michelle became an instant European silver medalist.

Now Michelle ran much faster with her Anna and we realized that Shaktoolik’s  are very good and great dogs. Thenceforth I was concerned with the history of sled dogs and I learned here that these dogs reached all what can be achieved in the sled dog sport in Europe.  So we took a connection with the founder and breeder of Shaktooli’s dogs, Dr. Detley Oyen, who is driving very successfully the open Hound class now. We were close to take lessons by him, because someone who is breeding and driving so successful with these dogs has made everything right. To me it says: “ Learn to have success, from those who are successful.”

Thus we found our own Kennel: “ Kennel of Sunka Hesapa”, which is internationally protected. 2010 we made our first litter of puppies with Annapurna and Shaktoolik’s G’Satin. Meanwhile I wanted to go sledding in the category MD Limited. My first race with the sled was the “Alpen Trail”. Unfortunately I coludn’t finished it because of my illness, but the dogs were on it really well. In the class MD Limited I made with the dogs from 2010 the third place in the European Championship as a rookie. We’re all very proud of our dogs and hope that we will reach more successes with them.

Michelle is currently retired for a while, because of her studies, but when the time permits she will be back in the race.

Of course we couldn’t forget about our hardworking crew in the background. Kerstin my wife,  who  always provides the food, so that nothing is  forgotten when we are on trips. Max, who keeps the car serviced and checks everything before we start the race. And Mary-Anne, which is, if the time permits, one of our best doghandler.